February 9th, 2012

68. RAW NERVE “Midnight” EP

68. RAW NERVE “Midnight” EP

Only the lunatic enjoys the privilege of passing smoothly from a nocturnal to a daylight existence: there is no distinction between his dreams and his waking.

RAW NERVE return with their most ambitious outing yet, an 8-song EP depicting human involvement as a thin fabric of insecurities sewn by the incapable and the bitter. This is the band at their most prolific, expanding their sound into a jarring implosion of balance and tension.

This release comes pressed on dark blue vinyl housed in three-panel inner sleeves with black dust jackets inside a custom uncoated slipcover.

Listen to “Late Again”:

May 16th, 2011

RAW NERVE interview


YA talks with Ralph Rivera and Ryan Lowry of RAW NERVE.

Hardcore is definitively reactive music. It does not seek solutions, but instead seems to linger in frustration for the sake of itself. Does RAW NERVE have any particular agenda with regards to authority? What sorts of reactions, in your opinion, evoke lasting change?

Raw Nerve is an entity which stands for objective truth. We believe strongly that right and wrong are not intangible ideas incapable of being grasped, and furthermore we do not believe that these are concepts that descend from some supreme being on high, itself intangible. Simply, we are against any and all actions, organizations, individuals, etc. that seek to murder, steal from, degrade, or otherwise harm us.

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