100. CHARLES BRONSON “Youth Attack!” 25TH Anniversary Edition

Perhaps no hardcore band of the late 90s embodies the spirit of youth and the cynicism of Gen X better than Charles Bronson. Humorous and sarcastic, yet heartfelt and sincere, the band showcased the absurdity of being young and told to feel excited about an inevitable future of debt slavery, career entrapment, divorce, and all the usual misery that comes with being an adult.

After just three years as a band in rural Dekalb, Illinois, and written at a lightning pace while playing shows virtually every weekend, “Youth Attack!” showcases Charles Bronson with a fully developed and innovative style, delivering 20 relentless songs at a breakneck pace in just over 12 minutes. With lyrics that address everything from corporate chains swallowing up small towns to the allure of escapism, the band sought to push the form of hardcore forward in a way that was more personal and relatable while remaining steeped in the classic influences of the genre—an ethos that carries over to Youth Attack Records today.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, and for the first time in decades, “Youth Attack!” is now available for a limited time, tastefully remastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, sounding crazier and more poignant than ever. “As adult oblivion beckons, now’s the time…”

“Marriage Can Suck It” 25th Anniversary Remaster:

“Marriage Can Suck It” 25th Anniversary Mix:

“What’s Wrong With Me (Faith cover, Live ’97)”: