114. VEIL II “Negative Space” EP

One can glean some indication of the intensity of VEIL II just from the fact that it is a collaboration between Matthew Adis and James Trejo—two men who can only produce music that expresses their total and complete contempt for this world. Inevitably, these visionaries of menacing hardcore classics like SALVATION’S “Mortality Interactions” and CADAVER DOG’S “Dying Breed” found themselves in the same bedroom studio and, upon pressing record on the 4 track, a tortured serendipity ensued. The results speak for themselves. The music, though possessed of overwhelming ability, is delivered in a straightforward manner as if to clarify, ‘yes, you all suck—everything sucks.’ Their audacity is shocking, but it has the effect of instilling in the listener a warranted rage and craving for release from the prison we call existence. What’s more, there is a science fiction element to VEIL II that leaves one with a depressing feeling toward the world to come. It is as if Negative Space abandons one to endlessly stumble through a smoky, post-apocalyptic landscape of bones, which in its own curious way is comforting. If you feel your reality deserves to topple, then let VEIL II be the boot that kicks it over. 

Listen to “Memory Vault” & “Clarity I”: