As we gaze upon the smoldering hellscape, we are witnesses of what equates to a scurry of rats fighting for control over a giant trash pile. If anything, it’s extremely cool to note that we have a fascinating study in decay and despair, where pretty much everybody in this great cast of characters is fair game for a hideous demise. If you happen to be the next victim of a rat attack, know that it was the doings of your usual bog standard enemy, wholly disgusting in every way and who harmed you out of the unjust power granted to them from some hidden figure above. While one simply cannot wait for all of them to be dead, if these scavengers are fated to rule their devastated wasteland, one might consider if, for now, it’s better to just let them have it. Here in the underground society where beleaguered souls gather, one views struggle for what it truly is: we aspire to be our best, to maximize our potential and to never break in the face of opposition. Though the rats outnumber us, they can never harm our souls which they understand and hate. In the end they know they will pay, and that will be THE CONSEQUENCE.


Listen to “The Consequence/Target on My Back” & “Cast Out”: