106. SNARLING HATE “How to Kill” 7″

Throughout history, the trials of mankind have been carved not by policy, but by blood. On an archetypal level, the fate of the world rests upon its unwillingness to submit. At a time in history when “empowerment” is just another trick of the establishment to seduce the powerless into conformity, true power rests in one’s refusal to accept their terms.

On their debut 7”, SNARLING HATE showcases this with two stomping hardcore anthems to fill the listener with courage, contempt and hope. Legendary frontman Shaun Dean, with his unmistakable growl, delivers a stunning vocal performance, while Denver stalwart James Trejo astonishes again by performing all instruments with his usual mastery. With additional guitar by Matt Wilga (Cancer Kids, Failures, Suburbanite), SNARLING HATE has been unleashed.

Listen to “Takeover”: