Devouring Ghost cover93. DEVOURING GHOST Soundtrack

Mark McCoy’s latest solo drawing exhibition, Devouring Ghost, opened 04.17.15 at Weltkunstzimmer in Düsseldorf, Germany. To coincide with the nine drawings in the exhibition, he created a special edition soundtrack to play in the gallery. Each musical composition relates to a visual work on display, presented in an array of stripped-down black metal and ambient tracks. The album spans two LPs and was composed in collaboration with Ian Jacyszyn (Absolute Power, Suburbanite) and Ryan Martin (Dais Records, Copley Medal). Devouring Ghost deals with the transience and mutability of a technically-constructed world. Symbols of decay and mortality reflect the ambivalent and unconscious desire for death. 

Listen to “Fatalis Virgae” & “Eye Socket”: