Sunday, 9/2: Brooklyn, NY (Power of the Riff Fest) @Warsaw w/ Hoax, SunnO))), Repulsion, Winter, Double Negative, Dead in the Dirt, Coffinworm
Monday, 9/3: Lawrenceville, PA @ Spahn Ranch w/ Holy Life, Trogpite, Manson Girls
Tuesday, 9/4: Cincinnati, OH @Static Age Gallery w/ Snake Boys, Temple
Wednesday, 9/5: St. Louis, MO @ CBGB w/ Shaved Women +1 TBA
Thursday, 9/6: Kansas City, MO @ KC Autoworx w/ Negative Degree, Civilized, Cadaver Dog, Sorry Excuse, Sucked Dry
Friday, 9/7: Urbana, IL @ Shangri-La w/ Negative Degree, Cadaver Dog, Civilized, Need
Saturday, 9/8: Indianapolis, IN (My Friends, the Pit Fest III) @IHOP w/ The Ropes, Negative Degree, Civilized, Cadaver Dog, Mugger, Side FX
Sunday, 9/9: Chicago, IL DAY SHOW: @ Albion House w/ Hoax, Skrapyard, Cadaver Dog, Divine Right
NIGHT SHOW @ Mousetrap w/ The Ropes, Negative Degree, Civilized, Violent End
Monday, 9/10: Detroit, MI @ The Halfway House w/ Dead Church
Tuesday, 9/11: Cleveland, OH @ Tower 2012 w/ TBA
Wednesday, 9/12: Toronto, ON @ TBA w/ TBA
Thursday, 9/13: Montreal, QC @ Death Church w/ Ceremony, more TBA
Friday, 9/14: Syracuse, NY @ Badlands w/ Forged, Herpes
Saturday, 9/15: Boston, MA @ TBA w/ No Tolerance, Hoax, Veins
Sunday, 9/16: New Haven, CT @ TBA w/ TBA
Monday, 9/17: Albany, NY/Providence, RI/Somewhere HELP
Tuesday, 9/18: Easthampton, MA @ Flywheel w/ Merchandise, La Caza, more TBA
Wednesday, 9/19: New Brunswick, NJ @ The Alamo w/ Fleshtemple, Biblethumper

Toronto and Connecticut will be announced shortly. Update on any TBA info as it filters in. If you can help in Albany, Providence, or any other logical New England location on the 17th, please email: lifeasone (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks.