HOAX Summer Tour 2012

5/17 – Brooklyn, NY at 285 Kent with Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, Sewn
Leather and Two Ton Bug, 8pm
5/18 – Baltimore, MD at Golden West Cafe (1105 W 36th St.) with Give and Sewn
Leather, 10pm/$6
5/19 – Charlotte, NC at Snug Harbor (1228 Gordon Street) with Double Negative.
5/20 – Nashville, TN at Cirith Ungol (2228 Scott Ave) with Double Negative, Leather Nightmare and Haldol, 7pm
5/21 – Little Rock, AR at Dedicated Art Space (320 W. 7th St.) with Sewn Leather,
Dead in the Dirt, Heartless, Kruds, and Chronic Ritual, 8:30pm, $7
5/22 – Birmingham, AL at God’s Butt 1715 (11th Place South) with Slave and Deism,
5/23 – Atlanta, GA at Wonderroot (982 Memorial Drive SE) with Sewn Leather and
Bukkake Boys, 8pm
5/24 – Jacksonville, FL at Shantytown Pub (22 W 6th St.) with Sewn Leather and
5/25 – Tampa, FL at Unit 19 with Nazi Dust
5/26 – Miami, FL at Churchill’s (5501 NE 2nd Ave) with Anger and Hardware Youth.
5/27 – Gainesville, FL at 911 House (911 SE 4th St.) with Sewn Leather and Christian
Punk Pigs. 9pm
5/28 – Pensacola, FL at 309 N. 6th Ave with Sewn Leather. 10pm.
5/29 – New Orleans, LA at Siberian Café (2227 St. Claude) with Sewn Leather,
Napalm Raid, Six Brew Bantha, Poo and Pee, 9pm/$6
5/30 – Houston, TX at Walter’s on Washington (4215 Washington Ave) with
Forward, Warrior Kids, and Mauser.
5/31 – Day Off
6/1 – Austin, TX at Broken Neck (4701 Red Bluff) with Reality Crisis, 2am
6/2 – Austin, TX at Mohawk Outside (912 Red River St.) with Antisect, Winter,
Deviated Instinct, Death Evocation, Zyanose, and the Impalers, $25/6:30
6/3 – Austin, TX at the Warehouse (618 Tillery St.) with Creem, Hounds of Hate,
Tempe SS and Goosebumps, 2pm/$5
6/4 – Denton, TX at TBA with Warrior Kids, No Statik and Wiccans.
6/5 Day – Oklahoma City, OK at TBA with TBA
6/5 Night – Oklahoma City, OK at the Conservatory (8911 North Western Avenue) with Corrosion of Conformity, Torche, Black Cobra and Gaza, 7pm/$15
6/6 – Omaha, NE at West Wing (301 S 38th Ave), 9pm
6/7 – Minneapolis, MN
6/8 – Winnipeg, Manitoba at Frame Arts Warehouse (318 Ross Ave) with Self
Interest, Cross Rage and White Wash, 7:30pm/$7
6/9 – Regina, SK at the Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange Center (2431 8th Ave) with
FPG and Love Triangle, 7pm/$10
6/10 – Calgary, AB
6/11 – Vancouver, BC
6/12 – Olympia, WA at Le Voyeur (404 4th Ave) with Hysterics, Nudes, and
Adjustment to Society, 6pm.
6/13 – Portland, OR at the Know (2026 NE Alberta St.) with Bi-Marks, 21+
6/15 – Oakland, CA at 1234 Go! Records with Avon Ladies, SQRM, and Neo Cons,
6/16 – Los Angeles, CA at Mime (1840 Glendale Blvd.) with Low Places, Sex
Prisoner and Difference, 7pm/$8
6/17 – Phoenix, AZ at Wall Street (2450 E. Chambers St.) with Avon Ladies, Gay
Kiss, and White Boys
6/18 – Albuquerque, NM at TBA with TBA
6/19 – Denver, CO at Rhinoceropolis with Cadaver Dog, Civilized, and Negative
6/20 – Kansas City, MO at Asshole Castle with No Class, White Slave and Sucked
Dry, 7:30pm
6/21 – St. Louis, MO at TBA with TBA
6/22 – Indianapolis, IN at 4214 Guilford Ave with Blind Justice, Side FX, and the
Zodiacs, 7pm/$5
6/23 – Chicago, IL at 2201 W. Huron with Mugger, Ooze and Violent End, $8
6/24 – Detroit, MI at TBA with TBA
6/25 – Toronto, ON at TBA with TBA