The Music section has been updated, Civilized tracks to be posted shortly.

SALVATION will be hitting the west coast next week and will have a limited tour edition of their “House of the Beating Hell” EP available for sale. This edition features hand-assembled covers and inserts with an inverted color scheme of the standard edition and will be available only at the shows.

Also coming in the next YA update will be a hand-assembled cassette box set version of SALVATION’s “Mortality Interactions” LP containing a chrome cassette version of the LP, inserts of all the artwork, two 1.5″ pins, and a DVD compilation of live footage shot by Herb Adis and edited by Chris O’Coin.

Lastly, together starting next week HOAX and SQRM are storming the east coast and Canada. HOAX will have the standard black vinyl edition of their new EP as well as a new tour shirt design for sale at shows. Support!


2/17 Hadley at Hullabaloo 
2/18 Philly at Bikeworks
2/19 Richmond at AskAPunk
2/20 DC at The Rocketship
2/21 PGH at The Spahn Ranch
2/22 Cleveland at Now That’s Class
2/23 Toronto at Siesta Nouveaux
2/24 Montreal at DEATH HOUSE
2/25 Albany at Valentine’s