Death is a sentient and responsive shadow. To stand in His presence one must be a willing empath for immersion in His essence. Those who seek shall find Life and Death merge in a continuity of purpose, like blue streaks in a black sky. Proceed: for beyond this converging twilight lies a profound remembrance of the things you have seen, the places you have been, the tears you have drowned in. It is easy to get caught up.

The 2011 cassette version of “No Afterlife” features an entirely revitalized sound, with a new up-front mix and distinct rhythm section that enhances the tracks to a supremely balanced yet feral tonality. Also featured are two exclusive previously unreleased bonus songs from that session, “Absolution” & “Chasm”. This release comes showcased on black chrome tapes for maximum volume, and housed in custom offset printed “match-box” slipcases enclosed in book style jackets.

Listen to “The Fold” & “Six Feet” (MMIX Mix):

Listen to “Carrion” (MMXI Mix):