Bulldozing over a breadth of classic influences, Florida’s CULT RITUAL embodies everything a band should be: Motivated, Uncompromising, and Lethal. Anyone fortunate enough to have lived through their live performances will attest to the band’s unparalleled standard of ferocity. Their debut full length LP captures the band at their most daring, most fully-realized apex. This release features a stunning 22″x22″ double-sided poster and silkscreened artwork on heavy 165 lb board, showcased in three versions:
·Main—Edition of 700 flesh vinyl, cover designed by the venerable Christopher Norris of Steak Mountain
·Mailorder—Edition of 100 white & black blob vinyl, cover by Mark McCoy
·American Tour—Edition of 200 maroon and red puddle vinyl, cover designed by the band

Listen to “Horror Sale” & “Nailed”: