22. SURF NAZIS MUST DIE “Anti-Everything” EP

Possibly the most overwhelming head rush from Germany since VITAMALZ, the SURF NAZIS made enemies faster than they existed (including you) and single handedly salvaged western Europe from the clutches of it’s smouldering musical banality. Existing for a mere minute, they recorded only this masterful EP before detonating into abrupt oblivion like all good bands should. Raging with junk food, girls, and Hollywood, they explode with eight frenzied songs delivered with as much whimsical sincerity for their scene as their scathing contempt for everyone in sight. Prepare to find yourself uncontrollably shouting along as you bash your face through your bed room wall. Includes bonus detailed instructions on how to take the record and go fuck yourself.

Listen to “I Am Angry” & “Emo Kids Blown to Shit”: