71. THE ROPES 7”

It is not worth the bother of killing yourself, since you always kill yourself too late.

Reawakened from the crypt of THE REPOS crawls its sickened progeny, THE ROPES. After a three-year interment these six new anthems seep to the surface and pick right up where their forebears died off. With a brash amalgam of American influences, THE ROPES display incredible mastery in their seemingly off-hand assault, driven completely over the top by the inhuman roar of vocalist Aaron Aspinwall.

This deluxe re-release of their self-titled EP comes showcased in a custom foldout double-sided envelope sleeve, with a sixteen-page booklet featuring marvelous artwork by Will Boone, and pressed to red vinyl in black dust sleeves.

Listen to “Heads Will Roll” & “Low End Highs”: