67. RAW NERVE “Tall Tales” LP

Self-betrayal is authenticity: the poem will crush the poet, the system the philosopher, the event the man of action. Destruction awaits anyone who, answering to his vocation and fulfilling it, exerts himself.

Chicago’s RAW NERVE has risen to prominence after a steady stream of releases and touring, becoming one of the forerunners in a long tradition of Midwest hardcore bands. This is all made evident on “Tall Tales,” an anthology of EP releases showcasing their rapid development from the self-released demo of 2009 to the “Nervous Habits” single from 2011. This is frenetic music at the brink of disintegration, delivered without caution to strangulate the very notions of safety.

“Tall Tales” collects their “Nervous Habits” Cassingle, Mailorder LP Cassingle, “These Are The Voices…” compilation track, remixed & remastered “Teens in Heat” EP, and self-titled Demo pressed on heavy white vinyl showcased in a thick 8-page book style jackets w/pocket sleeve and cover art by Dan Rossiter.