09. NAZTI SKINZ “Sic Semper Tyrannis” EP

NAZTI SKINZ’ brilliant concept consisted of four talented and well known personalities who only wanted to play five shows, write six songs, and release 500 copies of a crummy looking record. This, they thought, would safely undercut the probability of ultimately sucking as most bands do. As a result, they cashed all their chips in here and recorded the most brilliant single nobody’s ever heard. A one time pressing of 500 copies that vanished faster than they did.

Listen to “Bootlick” & “No Accident”:

08. RUINATION U.S.A. Shaped Disc

Continuing on in the great tradition of being hailed “America’s #1 Favorite Hardcore Reissue Label”, Youth Attack offers up this sumptuous U.S.A.-shaped punk record. 2000 copies pressed on clear vinyl, ready to be filed immediately in the section of your record pile exclusively reserved for “funny novelties”. If anything, buy this for the awkward photo of the band members on the inside flexing their homo-erotic insecurities.

Listen to “Hero/Suspect” & “Bad to Worse”:


This record issued us a $75,000 lawsuit.


06. JELLYROLL ROCKHEADS “Kill Trend Thrash” EP

“Kill Trend Thrash” is the demo put to vinyl from this incredibly amazing Japanese outfit. Without a doubt the best thing they ever did, subsequent releases of theirs only seem to claw at has the crystal meth insanity of riff writing shown here. 300 copies pressed on maroon vinyl, 1500 pressed on white.

Listen to “High Pressure” & “He Told Like This”:

05. BAD FORM “No More Neo No Wave” EP

This is the second EP from this short lived and snobbish Jersey quartet. Four songs of out of tune guitar chaos and bluesy bellowing echo an artier side of the STOOGES and BLACK FLAG. NOTE: This band has nothing to do with LE SHOK. However, since for some reason this record seems to have sold on that merit for several years now, please casually ignore this disclaimer.

Listen to “Sell Yourself”:

04. HOLY MOLAR “Live…” EP

A sheer disappointment from all angles, one can’t help but be let down that these guys weren’t all wearing around signs that said “we’ll never outdo what our known bands have done.” It could be that or have something to do with how there just isn’t much one can expect from a record with a chicken on the cover.

Listen to “That Old Rugged Crossdresser”:


Consider this dud a major death blow to the sinking ship you call your record collection. LLN is strictly music for failing first year art students and fans of the third EMPEROR LP. One member went on to be some huge instrumental tech-metal band, while the others slipped cozily into the void of suburban obscurity. The cover is art lifted from a BOB SEGER record if that tells you anything. This band is so forgettable that they recorded their second full length and never put it out.

Listen to “Little Buddha”:


15 song repress from a Japanese label with a name that no one remembers. Songs snagged from the non-circulated 21 song SOCIAL COMA demo tape from 1997, featuring a celebrity conglomeration between members of basement-clearers DAIGORO and CASTEVET. Once grind comes back in style, this clunker will be HUUUUGE.

Listen to “The Wind Beneath My Wings” & “She’s a Lady”:

1 1/3. THE OATH S/T EP

This is actually a Coalition Records release with the Youth Attack logo slapped on it, but since no one buys any Coalition crap anymore it might be nice to do toss them a bone: Eight songs of stolen riffs written in a Danish hotel, hurriedly recorded and mixed twelve hours later.

Listen to “A Carefully Thought Out Bad Idea” & “We?”:


1 1/6. CHARLES BRONSON- Complete Discocrappy 2 x CD

120+ song marathon of almost every imaginable recorded scrap that a bunch of college kidscould write about hating college. Comes with illegible 32 page booklet and unplayable CDROM.

Listen to “Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song” & “Let’s Start A Revolution So I Can Break Some Shit”:


14 song repress of 1994 debut originally released on Six Weeks Records. Y.A repress version has matte finish glued pocket sleeves, Kinko’s photocopied inserts, and ugly colored vinyl. The first 200 of 1500 copies done with red covers and yellow inserts. Management is quick to point out that ten years later this has aged almost as badly as everything else that came out that year.