YA talks with Tony, Mike, and Sean from SQRM.

From SQRM’s confrontational live sets, crude lyrics, and left-field cover songs, it seems clear the overall message is FUCK OFF. Why such hostility? What does an audience represent to you?

Mike: We’re in a time where people are more alienated than ever, i think it’s a logical reaction to that. Also it’s important when playing subversive music to challenge everything around you. Not just the obvious things, but also your friends, and even yourself. If your not challenging yourself and those around you what you’re doing can’t have much value as a subversive art form. For me the hostility is mostly just an embrace, or a celebration of carnality and an affinity for ignorance.

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YA talks with Ralph Rivera and Ryan Lowry of RAW NERVE.

Hardcore is definitively reactive music. It does not seek solutions, but instead seems to linger in frustration for the sake of itself. Does RAW NERVE have any particular agenda with regards to authority? What sorts of reactions, in your opinion, evoke lasting change?

Raw Nerve is an entity which stands for objective truth. We believe strongly that right and wrong are not intangible ideas incapable of being grasped, and furthermore we do not believe that these are concepts that descend from some supreme being on high, itself intangible. Simply, we are against any and all actions, organizations, individuals, etc. that seek to murder, steal from, degrade, or otherwise harm us.

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YA talks with Jeff Jelen, Kirk Syrek and Frank Hanney of MK-ULTRA:

MK-Ultra was instrumental in the development of the 90’s Chicago HC scene. How did the band form and what was the social climate like then in terms of music, attitudes, ideas, etc.?

J: Jeff Bachner, Gary and I knew each other from being in a band in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Jeff joined the Army on a dare and I ran away from society by living in DeKalb. After many drugs and psychiatric sessions I managed to wipe those years out of my head completely, but I do have a vague memory of creating Kirk a la Weird Science from an issue of Kerrang! Magazine. Eventually Jeff B. decided he did not enjoy being cannon fodder for the system so he got himself a nice discharge and headed back to the US to start a band with us.

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YA Interview with Matt Adis:

Does religion play a particular role in Salvation? Despite the band name and some of your imagery, I get the sense you aren’t always referring to Christian doctrine in a literal sense.

Religion does play a large role in Salvation, but is most definitely not the single driving force. Not necessarily Christianity, but any belief system. It’s the manmade quality of any core belief that I find ingenious and at the same time, terrifying. Whether it be a safety net to ensure an afterlife, reincarnation; an “atheist” or “agnostic” point of view – all is nothing. Salvation is self-realization.

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